About the CPS Design Team



Capital Precut Solutions Design (CPS Design) is a family owned and operated business, based in Masterton. 

CPS Design was formed in 2011 as part of Capital Precut Solutions Ltd (a prenail frame and truss manufacturing business), when we identified a gap in the market for a fast, accurate and reasonably-priced drafting firm. 

Being in the manufacturing industry, and dealing with 200+ house plans per month, we began to see trends in house designs and noticed that some of those designs being produced weren't entirely practical.  We felt those designs could be created in a different fashion and more economically, whilst still achieving the same effect.

We also noted that some of the plans being produced by others were not clear and were sometimes hard for builders and other trades to follow.  We felt that we could apply some of the logic of manufacturing to our working drawings process to improve speed and efficiency, and therefore cost-effectiveness. 

Our team consists of nine full-time draftsmen with a range of abilities.  Two of these draftsmen work at the front end, helping clients with concepts, and working through the design phase to develop a home that best suits their wants and needs. 

The rest of the team is dedicated to producing full working drawings.  All plans go through a robust peer review process prior to being submitted to council.  

As well as being well-experienced with local district planning requirements, CPS Design works nationally so we have a firm understanding of the different councils and their specific requirements.

We have three Licensed Building Practitioners on hand, as well as two trade-qualified builders that have obtained design qualifications and joined the design team. Having this background of hands-on building knowledge gives them a good understanding of what works in practical terms, and what doesn't.

We are happy to guide you through the whole process - from an initial sketch right up to fully-detailed designs ready for submission to council, and can even assist with builder selection if required.

Having such a large design team means we can get your project back to you sooner.  Our close relationship with Capital Precut Solutions Ltd means we can also supply truss designs and layouts faster. 


CPS Design team SERVICES


Here at CPS Design we specialise in the following areas of work:

  • High quality photo-realistic 3D renders
  • Concept design, from a tiny Wendy house right through to small commercial buildings
  • Farm shed design
  • Frame and truss producer statements 
  • Full Working Drawings ready to submit to council, including Building Consent Applications